Duong Quoc Chanh Tin * and Duong Hieu Dau

* Corresponding author (dqctin@ctu.edu.vn)

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Wavelet transform is one of the new signal analysis tools, plays an important role in numerous areas like image processing, graphics, data compression, gravitational and geomagnetic data processing, and some others. In this study, we use the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) and the multiscale edge detection (MED) with the appropriate wavelet functions to determine the underground targets. The results for this technique from the testing on five theoretical models and experimental data indicate that this is a feasible method for detecting the sizes and positions of the anomaly objects. This GPR analysis can be applied for detecting the natural resources in research shallow structure.
Keywords: Ground penetrating radar, continuous wavelet transform, detecting underground targets, multiscale edge detection

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