Ho Pham Thanh Tam and Thanh Hung Tran *

* Correspondence: Thanh Hung Tran (email: tthung@ctu.edu.vn)

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This article presents the review and the implementation of Space Vector Modulation (SVM) in a low-cost microcontroller-based motor drive system. The output three-phase voltages are obtained from a reference voltage vector in the polar coordinate system using the PWM technique; these voltages can reach up to the level of the DC voltage source (experimentally 16 VDC or practically 237 V with an inverter module). The article also provides a detailed presentation of the pre-calculations and the computations required for SVM on a STM32F1 ARM-based microcontroller. For achieving high frequency precision, a novel method for vector rotation based on the fixed-point arithmetic is proposed and tested. The experimental results highlight that the presented implementation including vector rotation can reach 1 Hz without significant error and it requires only 0.684 MIPS at 5 kHz computation rate for a 72 MIPS 32-bit microcontroller with single-cycle multiplication. The maximum instantaneous output phase-to-phase voltages could be as high as the DC voltage source.

Keywords: Space Vector Modulation, STM32, microcontroller, induction motor drive, Voltage Source Inverter

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