Dang Minh Quan , Dang Van Son , Averyanov V. Leonid , Nguyen Tran Vy , Truong Quang Tam , Nguyen Quoc Bao and Truong Ba Vuong *

* Correspondence: Truong Ba Vuong (email: bavuong2019@yahoo.com)

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Bulbophyllum tseanum was found in Quang Nam Province. It is a new record for the orchid flora of Vietnam. Previously this species was recorded in Hong Kong and Hainan (South-East China). Living specimens were collected in Quang Nam province and flowering successfully in a private garden in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. Based on morphological characters, B. tseanum is very close to B. lepidum in the plant habit, shape, and color scheme of flowers, but can be distinguished by broadly ovate dorsal sepal, longer lateral sepals, narrow petals with shortly caudate apex, size of stelidia and column wing shape. The description of Vietnamese plants is presented, accompanied by the analytical plate and taxonomic notes.

Keywords: Bulbophyllum lepidum, Bulbophyllum sect. Ephippium, New record, Plant diversity,, Plant taxonomy

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