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The experiment was conducted at the farm in Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province to assess the supply of probiotic products on performance of [Duroc x (Yorkshire-Landrace) - DYL] 108 piglets (12 herds) after weaning. Piglets were weaned at 28 days of age and the experimental period was lasted 5 weeks. The initial live weight of pigs was about 8 kg and final live weight of 26 kg. The experimental design was 3 treatments and 12 blocks (12 herds); each herd was divided into 3 groups randomly allocated into 3 treatments. It included 2 treatments supplied probiotic products (PRO: containing Bacillussubtilis, Lactobacillus spp; PRO-ANT: PRO + neomycine sulphate) vs to the CONTROL (none supply bio-product). Results showed that live weight of pig and growth parameters (weight gain, average daily gain) of pigs which supplied bio-products were significantly (P<0.05) higher as compared to those of the control group at week number 4 and 5. Feed conversion ratio was also effective (P<0.05) for the PRO and PRO-ANT treatments. The diarrhea rate (%) of piglets in the treatments with additional products was lower than that in the CONTROL group. Quantitative results of E. coli (106 CFU/g) in feces samples of pig in the CONTROL (3.1) were higher than PRO (0.9) and PRO-ANT (0.6). Economic benefits of feed and veterinary for the CONTROL (100%) were lower than PRO (106%) and PRO-ANT (108%). The supplement of probiotic products may become effective for improving performance, pig health and also the environment in the Mekong Delta.
Keywords: Benefit income, pig diarrhea, weight gain

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