Le Thi Men , Luu Cam Loc , Nguyen Van Dat * , Nguyen Quoc Chau Thanh , Ho Quoc Phong , Duong Nguyen Thach Thao , Trac Hue Phuong , Cao Dang Khoa , Phan Viet Hai and Do Vo Anh Khoa

* Correspondence: Nguyen Van Dat (email: nvdat@ctu.edu.vn)

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This work considered the use of coconut oil for the synthesis of renewable and environmentally friendly biodiesel as an alternative to conventional diesel fuel. Response surface methodology (RSM) with central composite design (CCD) was applied for the determination of optimum condition. The results showed that an optimum biodiesel yield of 93.03% could be obtained under the following reaction conditions: methanol content of 23.67% (by weight with respect to the oil), catalyst concentration of 0.5% (by weight with respect to the oil), and the reaction time of 120 minutes. These obtained results demonstrated the potential of coconut oil as good feedstock for biodiesel production in Mekong River Delta.
Keywords: Allylic position equivalent, Bis–Allylic position equivalent, coconut biodiesel, coconut oil, response surface methodology, transesterification

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