Huynh Quang Tin , Nguyen Huu Loi * and Nguyen Hoang Khai

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The study aims to investigate the barriers which limit the active participation of women in the agricultural training programme in Ke Sach district, Soc Trang province. Personal interviews were conducted with the male head as well as spouses of each selected farm family that take part in SRP training course. The total sample size of the study was 150 (75 male and 75 female respondents). A designed structured questionnaire was prepared for the data collection as the research instrument with the Likert three-point and Likert five-point. The data thus collected were coded on SPSS for analysis and interpretation. Results of the study showed that there was a significant difference in age and educational status of male heads and their spouses. All of the farmer households agriculture is the primary income sources for their livelihoods from farming sources. The intensity of participation of male respondents in different crops and livestock activities was comparatively high as compared to their female counterparts. In spite of their participation in crops and livestock activities showed that compared to female respondents, male-headed households had access to agricultural extension services as well as SRP training course than their wives. Especially, there were top four-factor affects women’s decision participating which is most of the time for home-making, less exposed to social, lack of production experience, and depending on the decision of the husband.
Keywords: Barriers, Decision, Participating, Sustainable Rice Platform

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