Tran Vu Phuong * , Cao Ngoc Diep , Duong Xuan Chu and Phan van ha Lam

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Abstract. Actinomycetes are filamentous gram-positive bacteria that can be found abundantly in both terrestrial and marine environment. These bacteria are known as producers of many bioactive compounds through the production of secondary metabolites for their survival and adaptation in nature and have been widely used today as therapeutic agents. Marine actinomycetes have been the focus of research over the past decade for new drugs discovery due to its unique adaptation in the harsh sea environment. It is believed that marine actinomycetes could produce compounds that are rare and unique compared to the terrestrial actinomycetes. Marine sponges often harbor dense and diverse microbial communities including actinobacteria. One secondary metabolite, thymine was isolated and identified from marine Streptomyces sp. strain ND7c. Its structure was determined by spectroscopic analysis including MS and 2D NMR, as well as by comparison with reported data in the literature. Keywords. Marine microorganism, secondary metabolite, marine sponges, Streptomyces sp., thymine
Keywords: Marine microorganism, secondary metabolite, marine sponges, Streptomyces sp, thymine

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