Rahen Mahmuda * , Tran Quang De , Negar Sultana Shoshi , Khadija Akhter Poly , Pranoy Saha , Sukumar Bepary , Shahenul Islam and Shamima Akhter

* Correspondence: Rahen Mahmuda

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Resorcinol with its two hydroxyl groups was derivatized in laboratory to observe the anti-inflammatory potential in vitro. Subsequently in silico docking analysis was done for observing the binding modes in cyclooxygenase enzyme to have idea about the subsequent possible developments. At the doses of 200 mg/ml and 400 mg/ml. the compounds showed the anti-inflammatory property, where 02 offered dose dependent 51% and 70% of inhibition of heat induced hemolysis respectively. The scaffold thus poses as an interesting pharmacophore suitable for lead generation for the inflammatory disorders.
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, docking, nitrobenzoic acid, resorcinol

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