Luu Cam Loc , Nguyen Dien Trung * and Nguyen Tri

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A series of bifunctional catalysts: sulfated zirconia, tungstated zirconia and alumina-supported zirconia as effective supports for Pt was been prepared. The structure and the surface property of denatured zirconium oxide catalysts were characterized by using physico-chemical methods such as XRD, BET, SEM, TEM and TPR. Their catalytic activity in isomerization reaction and stability of catalysts was tested by GC. The coke deposited on catalyst surface was determined by a burn-off method. The mass of coke formed on Pt/ZrO2-g-Al2O3 (Pt/ZrAl), Pt/ZrO2-SO4 (Pt/ZrS) and Pt/ZrO2-WO3 (Pt/ZrW) was 5.23%, 4.06% and 1.23% respectively. 
Keywords: Hexane, isomerization, pentane, Pt/ZrAl, Pt/ZrS, Pt/ZrW

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