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Two experiments were carried out to evaluate the effect of dietary fiber sources from vegetables and fiber supplements. Both experments were 2*3 factorial designs, with 3 replications and. The first factor was vegetable [water spinach (WS), and sweet potato vines (SPV)]; the second one was fiber supplement with Wedelia trilobata (WT), Hymenache acutigluma (HA), or none. Exp 1 was done on 4 male crossbred rabbits at 8 weeks of age in one experimental unit. In Exp 2, nutrient digestibility, nitrogen retention and caecum fermentation were determined in 2 twelve-week old rabbits of experimental unit.In Exp 1, dry matter (DM) and organic intakes were similar (P>0.05) between vegetables and among fiber source supplements. The final weight and weight gain were significantly higher (P 
Keywords: Digestibility, Wedelia trilobata, Hymenache acutigluma, sweet potato vine, water spinach

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