Le Thi Hong Gam * , Nguyen Thanh Phuong , Nguyen Thi Thuy Vu , Do Thi Thanh Huong and Pham Ngoc Nhu

* Correspondence: Le Thi Hong Gam (email: gamp0613005@gstudent.ctu.edu.vn)

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Physiological responses and growth of clown knifefish (Chitala ornata) (initial weight of 11-12 g) exposed to nitrite were investigated with three separate experiments. The first experiment was to determine the nitrite concentration causing 50% mortality in 96 hours (96-h LC50). The second experiment examined the effects of different nitrite concentrations on haematological parameters. The third experiment investigated into the effects of different nitrite concentrations on fish growth including 4 treatments such as control, 0.2 mM nitrite, 0.4 mM nitrite, and 4 mM nitrite for measuring growth parameters at days 0, 30, 60, and 90 days (sampling 30 fish/tank). The results showed that the clown knifefish had high nitrite tolerance with 96-h LC50 of 7.82 mM. There were significant increases in methaemoglobin and leukocytes while other haematological parameters decreased during nitrite exposures at the treatment of 4 mM nitrite. Particularly, methaemoglobin and the number of leukocytes increased from 0.4 to 29.5%, and from 39.89x103 to 72.33x103 cells/mm3, respectively. Differently, there were significant declines in the number of erythrocyte (3.19x106–2.33x106 cells/mm3), haemoglobin (10.47-7.04 mM), and haematocrit (38.07-26.5%) at the highest nitrite treatment. After 90 days, daily weight gain (0.25±0.02 g/day), specific growth rate (1.18±0.07 %/day), survival rate (59%) at the treatment of 4 mM nitrite were significantly lower than those of the control, but no significant difference was observed in such parameters between the control and the treatments of 0.2 or 0.4 mM nitrite.
Keywords: Clown knifefish, growth, haematological parameters, nitrite

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