Ngo Thi Thu Thao * , Tran Ngoc Hai , Cao My An and Danh Nhiet

* Corresponding author (

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Different stocking density and feed types were evaluated in rearing larvae of mud clam Geloina coaxans. The experiment 1 included four food treatments as (i) 100% fresh algae (Nannochloropsis sp and Chaetoceros sp with 1:1 ratio), (ii) 100% dry algae (Spirulina powder), (iii) 75% fresh algae + 25% dry algae, (iv) 50% fresh algae +50% dry algae. Clam larvae were cultured in 5L bottles at the stocking density of 2000 larvae/L. Experiment period was lasted from D-larvae to 12th–15th corresponding from planktonic to the benthic stages. Experiment 2 included three treatments with different nursing densities of clam larvae from (i) 2000 larvae/L, (ii) 4000 larvae/L to (iii) 8000 larvae/L. Feed type with the best result from experiment 1 was applied for feeding in experiment 2. Results from experiment 1 showed that in treatment feeding 100% fresh algae, the length and width of larvae reached highest with 217.3µm and 230.0 µm on day 17, respectively. In addition, metamorphosis rate (31.2%), survival rate (10.5%) and larvae production (300 ind./L) also reached higher values than in other treatment (p
Keywords: D larvae, density, Geloina sp, diets, microalgae, mud clam

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