Nguyen Thi Hong * and Duong Thi Hong Nhung

* Corresponding author (

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In the present work, a process for recovery of Co(II) and Li(I) from spent lithium-ion mobile phone batteries was developed by using leaching, precipitation and solvent extraction. The leaching efficiency of Co(II) and Li(I) was investigated with respect to HCl concentration, temperature, and time. Most of Co(II) and Li(I) were dissolved from spent lithium-ion batteries under optimum leaching conditions: 4 M HCl, 50oC, 1.5 hrs and pulp density of 10 g/L. Seperation and recovery of Co(II) and Li(I) from the HCl leaching solution can be carried out by precipitation and solvent extraction. Cobalt oxalate was precipitated from the HCl leaching solution by adding oxalic acid at pH = 3, leaving Li(I) in the aqueous solution. In the case of solvent extraction, trioctylamine (TOA) was used to selectively extract Co(II) over Li(I) from the HCl leaching solution, and then Co(II) from the loaded TOA was stripped using distilled HCl solution. In term of recovery efficiency of Co(II) and loss of Li(I), precipitation was recommended as a suitable method to separate and recover Co(II) and Li(I) from the leaching solution of spent lithium-ion mobile phone batteries.
Keywords: Cobalt, lithium, recovery, spent batteries, separation

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