Nguyen Thi Hong * , Huynh Huu Hau and Truong Ngoc Quynh Giao

* Corresponding author (

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Extraction behavior of vanadium (V(V)) from the acidic sulfate solutions was investigated using trioctylamine (TOA). The extraction efficiency of V(V) from the acidic sulfate solutions increased with increase of pH value, extractant concentration and O/A phase ratio. The optimum condition for V(V) extraction from the acidic sulfate solutions containing 100 mg/L V(V) was found to be at pH 2.5 using 0.005 M TOA. The V(V) from the loaded TOA was completely stripped by the use of 0.5 M NaOH solution. The regeneration of TOA after stripping process was obtained by washing with distilled water and the recycling capacity of regenerated TOA was no appreciable change.
Keywords: Regeneration, solvent extraction, sulfate solution, trioctylamine, vanadium

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