TRAN DONG AU , Huynh Lien Huong , Ho Quoc Phong * and Nguyen Van Dat

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In this study, transesterfication reaction under subcritical condition of methanol (or called subcritical methanol method) was employed to directly produce biodiesel from chlorella sp. instead of conventional method that based on acid/base catalysts. The effect of reaction parameters on FAME (biodiesel) conversion such as temperature (165 -185 °C), methanol to biomass ratio (10/1-25/1, g/g), water content (5 – 80%), and reaction time (1-12 h) was studied. According to the experimental results, FAME conversion increased with the increase of reaction time and highest FAME conversion 95% at 175 °C, 20/1 (g/g) methanol to biomass ratio and 50% water content in biomass.
Keywords: biodiesel, microalgae, subcritical methanol, transesterification

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