Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tran * , Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and Duong Thuy Yen

* Corresponding author (

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This study aimed to provide information about the reproductive biology of moonlight gourami (Trichopodus microlepsis) distributed in U Minh National Parks. Fish samples were collected monthly from January to October 2019 at two locations: U Minh Ha (UMH, Ca Mau, n=462) and U Minh Thuong (UMT, Kien Giang, n=635). Results showed that the maturation-stage ratios of females were similar between the two fish populations. Mature females (with stage IV-ovaries) and the increase in their gonadal somatic index (GIS) were found from June to October, indicating that this period is their spawning season. GSI reached the highest values in August with 8.04% in UMH and 6.44% in UMT. Female fish of the UMH population showed higher average fecundity (7,483±3,008 eggs/female) and larger egg diameter (762±55 µm) than those of UMT (6,898±2,952 eggs/female and 754±43 µm, respectively), but these differences were not significant (p>0.05).

Keywords: egg diameter, fecundity,GSI, moonlight gourami, Trichopodus microlepsis

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